Asia Travel blog 2019

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Asia Travel blog 2019

Hong Kong by night

We have arrived in one of the most dynamic cities in South East Asia – Hong Kong.

Island life at Gili Trawangan

Beaches that are white and hot. Looking forward to See some turtles.

Pool fun or…?

The hindu new year. Arrival of the spring is one salubration focus. However tomorrow we will be indoor the whole day, due to the silence requiered. Nyepi is the local tradition we will experience. This noisy, brash festival is then Read more…

The food is very good

We have had many nice dishes during our first days here in Indonesia. The culture and food is inspired by both local and foregin influenses. Ve have had

Indonesian rice field

A typical view of Indonesia country side.

Canggu – Bali sunset

Off the tourist district and focusing vegetarian food and surfing – hipsters life.

Explorer of the Seas

This ship was the biggest passanger ship until 2015 with 3000 passangers. Now visiting in Sydney Harbour.

Blue Mountains


The Opera house in Sydney .