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Asia Travel blog 2019

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Tuc-Tuc transportation

To stay over in Sa Pa…

We stayed with a local family, in a barn, +12C indoors and slept on the floor, in all our clothes. It was a new experience and we also found ourselves in the middle of staging for family lunch, when having Read more…

Sa Pa in the very north of Vietnam

Mountain village where we made a 12 km hike . Click the headline above for more images from this hike.

Ha Long Bay

From the big city out to the coast again. What a view!!!! If you remember the bond film “Tomorrow never dies” ….The scene where 007 is on a “djonk” in the China Sea, is actually filmed in this area with Read more…

Hanoi now!

Huế – train from Da Nang

The first day of cloudy weather on our trip so far. We had a short train trip to go here. Huế was the capital of the Nguyễn Dynasty from 1802 to 1945. Many historical areas of the city are currently being restored Read more…

Chùa Linh Ứng Temple in Da Nang

Today the costal city Da Nang making the hike from Hoi An – to visit the buddhist temple Chùa Linh Ứng. Txt

Vietnamese Cooking Class

We participated in a cooking class to learn some nice local and typical dishes to bring home. So Good! Sauted Noodles with beef. We also learned how to make the typical Poh – click to see the result… We learned Read more…

Dah Lat to Hoi An – Map

By bus we go…

Hoi An coastal city

Went north up the coast by bus to the city Hoi An.