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Asia Travel blog 2019

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The food is very good

We have had many nice dishes during our first days here in Indonesia. The culture and food is inspired by both local and foregin influenses. Ve have had

To stay over in Sa Pa…

We stayed with a local family, in a barn, +12C indoors and slept on the floor, in all our clothes. It was a new experience and we also found ourselves in the middle of staging for family lunch, when having Read more…

Vietnamese Cooking Class

We participated in a cooking class to learn some nice local and typical dishes to bring home. So Good! Sauted Noodles with beef. We also learned how to make the typical Poh – click to see the result… We learned Read more…

Vietnamese food

Ho Chi Minh City with very nice food $1.6. Meal called Bon Cha. We tried some more dishes and went off very satisfied with our meal. Just love the hospitality.

Kandal Market

Phnom Penh – Kandal Market is a local market close to river side. Narrow walk paths and local food is in majority of sellers.

Beer by wire in a tree house Klicka på videon!